Sunday, 16 March 2014


Original shape of lofing

slice the head out of the body

transform the head to cap

Creating the head using super sculpey
(adding foil inside to reduce the usage of too much SS)

draw a guide on paper to check on
the size of head I want

adding SS+foil for the body to
(make it firm)

putting the head on the body
(check on the size)

adding details on the head

transforming the magical mushroom
into pizza

heat it up for the final outcome

applying a base paint (dark color recommended)

applying 2nd layer of paint

choosing red, yellow, black for the customization
based on research
(ron english's work, pizza delivery boy, etc)

putting up a logo on the tshirt as well

red sneakers

completed with the coloring

putting outside let it dry and also
applying protection coat

Front view

Right side view

back side view
(11 means this is the 11th lofing
I get from the creator)

left side view

with the head
(the uniform)

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