Monday, 30 May 2011

ah Boy combo

this is awesome
as requested by my cousin
xin yong
because she want domokun and also mario
then i suggesting her 
to combine both
and walla...
this is it.. 
she named it DOMA

Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Nerd Look

in conjunction with the gathering 
as well as congratulating
Abs Lee for
ah Boy pretending
to be the head of the college
giving this congratulation board
to her

you can actually view the group photo at

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

interactive art

This is the original piece

ah Boy collaboration
with the interactive group
in facebook
this is the 1st time
ah Boy join 
the gathering
and is a pleasure to
have a group photo

for more picture viewing, 
you can actually log on to
or go to my facebook link

Sunday, 15 May 2011

hot weather

the weather is so hot
that even ah Boy
also cannot stand it
and keep sweating

Sunday, 8 May 2011


trying new area
ah Boy X Bean

back to College

ah Boy back to college
this is the outfit
with hairstyle changed

Happy Mother's Day special

today is Mother's day
Thanks to my mum for giving me
an opportunity
to come to the world
and become
ah Boy
Happy Mother's Day

Friday, 6 May 2011



Complete ah Boy

logo part

this is the process of
redo papercraft X packaging
this is just the mockup

Thursday, 5 May 2011

papercraft on process

papercraft ah Boy
in process 
where is the shoes?
oh no.. size problem
gonna make another pair

wake up

ah Boy rushing
latest customization on
Pang Guan Dat last night
it look very ugly 

Wednesday, 4 May 2011


ah Boy is going for badminton session
with a bunch of friends
therefore, he changed his outfit
and ready for badminton

ah Boy crossover

ah Boy X Weis Tan
God of War
ah Boy X Matty Leung

3rd customization
adiduck aka farkdidas
ah Boy X Kenzy aka NOYZ

2nd customization
ah Boy X Kenzy aka NOYZ

ah Sern by Jay Sern

ah Girl by Felicia Yee

ah Toy by Kenzy aka NOYZ

here are some ah Boy customized by the artist ownself
with template given

ah Boy cosplay

ah Boy X One Piece
ah Boy X Mario
ah Boy x Domokun
ah Boy X Frankenstein
ah Boy X Super Plum Man
ah Boy X Naruto
ah Boy X The Last Airbender

ah Boy X Doraemon

ah Boy X Pikachu

here are some cosplay did by ah Boy
it will be one day one cosplay basis

ah Boy customade

ah Boy X Yap Jiunn Yih 
(on birthday occasion)
ah Boy X Daniel Heew

ah Boy X Pang Guan Dat

ah Boy X Joshua Lee

ah Boy X Kenzy aka NOYZ

ah Boy X Steven Wan

here are some ah Boy style guys,
create based on the person characteristics

In House Multimedia Graduation Ceremony 2011

ah Boy doing collaboration with In House Multimedia College
for the Graduation Ceremony 2011
on 25 June 2011
at Park Royal Hotel

ah Boy

This is the look of ah Boy
because he likes to think and imagine much,
this making his head become bigger and bigger.
a pair of big hands are always helping those in need.
due to he is short,
wearing cloth is enough for him to cover the whole body

new page

This is a fan page created by me in Facebook
for the launching of brand new character design
-ah Boy