Sunday, 22 May 2016

Exercise : Bench Dips

for Bench dips,
you need to place
a bench behind your back.

Placing hands on edge of bench,
position feet away from bench,
straightens arms,
slide rear end off
of edge of bench,
and rest heels on floor
with legs straight

during execution,
lower body by bending arms
until slight stretch is felt
in chest or shoulder,
or rear end touches floor.
Raise body and repeat
the same steps.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Exercise : Chin Up

Chin Up
is a strength training exercise.
People frequentyly do
this exercise with intention
of strengthening muscles
such as latissimus dorsi
and biceps,
which extend the shoulder
and flex the elbow.

The movement begins
with arms extended above head,
gripping a hold.

The body is pulled up,
with bar approaches 
or touches the upper chest.
The body then lowered
until arms are straight but 
not in lockout,
and the exercise is generally repeated.