Tuesday, 16 June 2015

cross-stitch AHBOY

Title // Cross Stitch AHBOY

This is a submission sent
to Happy Dreamer
few years back.

Happy Dreamer
is now the
Creative Volts

I used this idea
to show that
never give up on
the work you love
as cross stitch took
a long time to complete it.

Cross stitch artworks
can be found at my hometown
whereby most of them
done by my mum.

It is impossible for me to
do the cross stitch work
so I digitalize my cross stitch

hopefully one day
there will be one person
willing to cross stitch this AHBOY
for me

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Cycling is fun

I went to Penang last month,
and cycling is one of the activity
to be done there.

Because I'm no good
in cycling,
therefore I can only
cycle indoor.

Cycling is fun.

Inspired by BERG Malaysia.